I was the Group Risk Analyst for an LSE-listed insurance group until 2011, with the running of all areas of the Enterprise-wide Risk Management programme falling under my remit, as well as aspects of corporate governance advisory work. Both I and the programme were nominees at the 2009 European Risk Management awards in Berlin.

I began working on Solvency II back in 2007 for the Irish insurance subsidiary of the group, focused predominantly on the ORSA, system of governance and regulatory reporting requirements and progressed to managing the project before establishing Governance Matters in early 2011 to provide bespoke consultancy services on both Solvency II and ERM to the EU insurance industry. Since then I have worked with composite and mutual insurance clients in the United Kingdom, touching on crossover topics such as internal model validation, IMAP and capital management as well as the more conventional Pillar 2 work.

This blog is currently used as a repository for much of my private research and thoughts on developments in the Solvency II/ERM spheres, and I hope can at the very least draw attention to recent news releases, as well as provide a platform for honest opinion on national and pan-European legislative and regulatory developments as they are released.

All readers are welcome to get in touch via LinkedIn, Twitter, e-mail or indeed via the comment facilities on the blog - the demands of my current assignment dictate my responsiveness, but I would normally reply same day.

Happy reading,
Allan Christian - Principal, Governance Matters