Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Osborne and ABI make friends

ABI seem to be loving the Chancellor's work today on reducing UK tax on foreign derived profits. I suspect the Avivas and Prus of the world have a decent shot at thickening the bottom line and reducing capital requirements if they can get the branch structures right (though it was Aviva's share price that got the kicker at the end of the day).

On the Risk side, nice research released today by the Economist Intelligence Unit on emerging risk perceptions for 2011. Number of positive messages (from an albeit small respondent sample), but still woolly on the Solvency II-relevant pieces like risk appetite and scenario planning. I had read a profile about the top risk guy at Lego before, and he is cited in here as an early adopter of scenario analysis at board level, so may look him up again.

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