Thursday, 8 December 2011

ABI Conference today - reason why the EU Parliament stayed away?

Still very early after the ABI conference today (I wasn't there, so relied on some heavy duty tweeting from Elliot Varnell and Insurance ERM).

All the great and good were there (van Hulle, Montalvo, ABI, FSA, and all the CROs in the UK who blagged a day off!), however there was no representation from the EU Parliament which, bearing in mind we are in trialogue season and there is plenty of debate still to be had, is conspicuous to say the least. A Burkhard Balz or a Peter Skinner would surely have been a good attendee to get the right balance.

However, Insurance Times flagged this from Sr. Montalvo at the conference today - looks like the EU Parliament have missed the pre-Christmas window for discussion Omnibus II, and, looking at a late January debate now, have left almost no wriggle room between debate and the Omnibus II vote.

Who this compromises the most out of the troika is unclear (EIOPA I suspect, being the unelected body), but Parliament's absence surely saved the event from a seasonably frosty atmosphere!

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