Friday, 24 February 2012

Listed Insurers - Solvency sweep on full year results announcements

Having already touched on Axa and St James's Place, I thought it handy to get a few of the others in one place with regards to Solvency detail at 2011 year end, more for my own benefit than anything! Appreciating that the Swiss lads below have  different yet Solvency II-complimentary regulation to worry about on this front.

As ever, acres of disclosure (which you can serve yourself at here) but the salient points on Solvency are hard to identify, partly as a by-product of the volume of material, and also due to the Swiss Solvency Test (SST) transitional reporting. Couldn't be too confident of getting any real message other than the analyst presentation drawing out a rise in capital adequacy y-o-y on the Solvency I measure (and SST differences) in page 23, and pages 32-40 touching on a number of elements of economic capital. More text description on capitalisation on p25 of the Operating and Financial report.

Swiss Re
Corking set of results (helped of course by reserve releases!). Main Solvency II point is that they comment on page 15 that the delay in implementation is actually driving demand for Solvency I-style products (always a silver lining...)

No detailed disclosure yet, just this, but the Solvency I measure has crept up to 179% y-o-y. Nothing of substance to say on Solvency II.

Fair amount of disclosure in both the report and the slides, and Solvency I measure up around 195% at group level. More soberingly on the UK side, their Solvency I surplus was at approx 150% (p6 of report), with the other regions floating the number up.

Should be more to follow, though the meaty disclosure on capital adequacy will no doubt be saved for the Annual Report and Accounts rather than the results releases.

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