Thursday, 22 November 2012

Accenture study on Risk Analytics - lessons for Insurance Industry

Decent piece of benchmarking from Accenture on the current usage of risk analytics as well as drivers for the future. 450 mostly c-suite level respondees from across industries (40% insurers), but the findings are targeted specifically at the Insurance industry. Interestingly, respondees leaned towards incomplete data sets, rather than a lack of data or technological capability, as the main constraint.

While it touches on a number of areas of interest for Use Test specialists, it also covers Stress and Scenario Testing (13% of Life and 21% of P&C insurers reporting that they "rarely" or "never" use stress testing in decision making), and Reporting (which suggests the main driver for reporting improvements is regulatory rather than voluntary, due to regulators "...[increasing] their focus on the quality and frequency of reporting"). Internal Modelling also gets a mention, with almost 80% of respondents saying they already use, or are planning to use, an internal model for capital adequacy requirements.

Data Governance  of course gets decent treatment here. Only 69% of insurers polled currently have a Data Policy, but 41% have a data quality department, which feels alarmingly high, particularly when drawn against Accenture's comment that "...many firms have insufficient rigor who owns data, who sets it up and who manages it". The FSA concurred with that in their preliminary Data Quality Review findings back in September, and I'm not at all convinced that a DQ department will help in this respect (i.e. BAU absolve themselves of responsibility for their data sets!)

The Accenture crew use the "Leaders" and "Laggards" analogy throughout, so benchmark away and find out which one you are!

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