Sunday, 2 December 2012

Omnibus II - back to June 2013

Inevitably, the spectre of reality has successfully haunted the facade of optimism until it requires a change of underwear - the Omnibus II Plenary has been shifted out to June 2013 over the weekend. After last year's rather ambivalent stretching of the scheduled Plenary date once the summer holidays/change of presidency approached, this looks like it possibly has more legs next year (why talk Omnibus II when the weather is so nice!)

This certainly gives the beleaguered industry a bit of breathing space to perform whatever data collection is required during the LTG impact study/QIS6 at the same time as standard financial year-end pressures start to pile up for the largest lobbyists - strangely still haven't seen anything definitive on EIOPA's mandate for the study yet, the scope of which appears to have been harder to pin down that one would expect (the FSA's Insurance Standing Group indicating one source of discontent from their September minutes

The coincidence of this being announced at the same time as news of Mr Van Hulle's impending retirement broke is a funny old one, but as Peter Skinner's decision not to run for re-election is also referenced in that article, maybe this changing of these battle-fatigued protagonists over the next 12-18 months may encourage all sides to stop tip-toeing through the tulips.

PS Early retirement? Anyone would think they're trying to get their annuities bought prior to go-live before Solvency II wipes 20% off!

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