Thursday, 27 June 2013

Solvency II delays - the unanswered questions...

There's a couple of unanswered questions loitering around in the Solvency II space which I'm sure a more plugged-in switched-on kind of girl could answer, but which I'm struggling to pin down. Looking forward to hearing from anyone on the following;

"Quick Fix 2" - as far as the paperwork from the first "quick fix" is concerned, the Solvency II 'clock' starts ticking on 30th June 2013, and despite the brave attempts of a cabal of Parliamentarians to obtain a second "quick fix", it seems like they failed. Is the clock really ticking for transposition into national law as of Monday?

Omnibus II - putting quick fixes to one side, the anticipation of EIOPA's LTGA report feeding into a positive EU Parliamentary Plenary vote in October 2013 was one of the anchors of what one might call a timely implementation calendar (i.e. 2016). In a typically unannounced manner, the indicative Plenary date, which had already been kicked down the road at least seven times, has this week been inauspiciously removed from the Procedure File entirely (confirmed here on the 'History' tab on 20/06/13).

With EU Parliamentary elections scheduled for May 2014, and Parliament begging for the Solvency II inertia to be broken beforehand, do we reasonably have another window to get Omnibus II through a Plenary vote before that political upheaval, or is the removal of an indicative date acceptance that the LTGA has generated more problems than it has solved?

(Level 2) Implementing measures - the European Commission had these timetabled in their 2013 "expected adoption dates" list, chalked down specifically for Q4 2013. In the last two months this has been removed from the list in its entirety (well spotted Norton Rose). Is this direct acknowledgement that, as indicated by Burkhard Balz last week, that there is no chance of Omnibus II clearing the Plenary hurdle this year?

Someone must know something - don't be shy!

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