Tuesday, 9 July 2013

EU Commission and Quick Fix 2 - Silence is golden (delicious)...

We are a good week down the line since Solvency II technically became a rolling ball, at least from a 'transcription into national law' perspective, and the party has barely stopped around the EU...

Man from Del Monte
- he says 'Non-Compliant'
Joking aside, the wonderfully obscure lobbying miscreants at ICODA released findings (expanded on here) of a straw poll they had issued to all member states around their preparedness to implement both Solvency II and EIOPA's interim measures. Not even half of those polled responded, and only 6 responded in full, so the sample isn't ideal. That said, there are enough seeds of doubt sown by the responses to grow a Del Monte-style orchard of non-compliance by next year.

As one would have anticipated off the back of the last-ditch attempt to secure a second 'quick fix' Directive, there would appear to be major concerns around NSAs meeting the requirements as at 1st Jan 2014, for example;

  • All respondees are in favour of 'Quick Fix 2'
  • 40% don't feel adequately prepared for ORSA obligations
  • Half are not prepared for internal model pre-application obligations
  • A quarter are not prepared for submission of information obligations

Is 'Quick Fix 2' simply being seen by some of the straggling NSAs as an opportunity to postpone the inevitable rather than to actually prepare for it, thus avoiding the decadent yet ultimately unnecessary project spend of the early adopters? Indeed, is 'Quick Fix 2' even legally possible now that the date for transcription into national law has passed?

I took the opportunity on Monday 1st July to contact representatives of note to ask where the legislation currently stands, specifically around the potential for retrospective 'Quick FIx 2', and received the following cavalcade of replies in the last 7 days;

  • EU Commission - nothing
  • An EU Parliamentarian heavily involved in Solvency II - nothing
  • EIOPA - a holding e-mail thanking me for my question

I hope that world exclusive information helps you all with your preparations!

Late post-script - I didn't bother checking in with the Council, but they have surprisingly made public comment today due to the changeover in presidencies to the Lithuanian delegation. Knowing the guys in Vilnius are big fans of the whole Solvency II shooting match (?), it was interesting to see they only have "...continued negotiations on the Omnibus II insurance dossier" scheduled over the next 6 months, as opposed to something more positive. We'll certainly be seeing Santa before the Parliamentary Plenary vote then, big question is will we also see the 2014 Easter Bunny?

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