Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Reporting/Submission of information to NCAs - EIOPA's FINAL preparatory guidance for national supervisors

And last, but not least, EIOPA have produced their final preparatory guidance to NCAs regarding the submission of information by firms to their supervisors, covering both quantitative reporting templates (QRTs) and narrative reporting. The consultation paper (summarised here by the PRA) caused quite a stir due to the volume of requirements during what is purported to be the 'preparatory phase', and even EIOPA's own Insuarnce and Reinsurance Stakeholders Group (IRSG) put the boot in on a number of elements.

It was of course natural that a combination of parallel running, legacy system horror-shows and potential ambivalence from third party information vendors was going to make this consultation the most controversial, but that said, the outcome appears to be pretty fair insofar as concessions have been made by EIOPA while still keeping the pressure on over-reluctant firms to construct the required processes in a timely manner.

One attempt at quarterly reporting is therefore retained (set for Q3 2015) as well as one run at completing annual templates, based on YE 2014.

The preamble borrows from the other preparatory guidance documents without anything new, so ignoring that, the following items jumped out at me thematically;

3.54 Despite the gibberish in paragraph a), this effectively allows for some simplification in the quarterly reporting during the preparatory phase
3.55 Captives are excused for the quarterly run in Q3 2015

Parallel run costs/strains
3.58 As with other papers, EIOPA don't care!

Template changes
3.62 A change log covering amendments between the original template release and those now available has been included to help firms level any work already done in this space. A surprisingly large number of changes made, magnifying the difficulties faced by firms, NCAs and ultimately EIOPA.

Legal entities which are below the threshold
3.72 If a legal entity is below the reporting threshold in isolation, but forms part of a group which is above it, the LE will still have work to do

Annual reporting
3.76 An extra two weeks added to the submission deadline (now 22 weeks for solos, 28 for groups)

Quarterly reporting
3.81 As above, the requirement to report on Q4 2015 has been removed, a practical attempt to manage the myriad other reports expected from firms in early 2016.

3.83 Up to each NCA as to whether they demand firms use XBRL in submissions - I think some of the supervisors may already favour it or have indirect experience of handling it (UK, Ireland, France)
3.84 EIOPA will provide a tool to aid firms in doing this, should they want/need to

Internal Model applicants obliged to complete Standard Formula templates
3.94 Confirms that IM applicants will need to complete both, though their SF template work will be governed by the pre-application for internal model guidance (due to the different timescales applicable to that work)

Narrative reporting
3.102 Not negotiable - get it done!

Balance Sheet
3.106 Statutory accounts figures must be included

3.111 Unit-linked assets will not be exempted - also a clumsy reference to "contagious risk", one of many which betray mother-tongue related drafting problems

Particularly telling is that while the IRSG were obliged on some of their issues, they were not able to drive home all of their agenda - they had asked for and additional 4 weeks for completion of all templates for example.

Unquestionably a great deal of work to do for both firms and NCAs on this matter, and with existing reporting teams no doubt working to tight schedules, the sooner 2014 programmes factor in this disruption the better.

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