Friday, 24 January 2014

PRA, BaFin and Disclosure - Grüne with envy...

Without being hypercritical, it occured to me that the PRA appear to be keeping materials and opinions "on the downsie" at a time where perhaps the industry would benefit from their overexposure, and I can't work out why.

A few things triggered that thought over the last week;
It is worth expanding on the last point, bearing in mind what a useful piece of text it is for anyone looking to confirm within their own Programme how best to interpret EIOPA's guidelines. BaFin explicitly state;
  • Insurers should "immediately take the necessary steps" to implement the Preparatory Guidelines.
  • That "undertakings are effectively the target audience" for the Preparatory Guidance, which I am delighted to see acknowledged publicly by such a significant participant.
  • It is up to each insurer to determine the order of their implementation activity prior to 2016.
  • That, for the benefit of the industry, BaFin have carved up the Guidance into 15 blocks, and will provide "additional information and tips" periodically over the next two years.
  • That a special activity for Life Insurers will take place, one suspects in order to help identify the capital shortfalls hinted at at the back end of last year for those with high cost of guarantees.
  • That everyone is expected to participate in the QRT exercise, ignoring the thresholds offered by EIOPA to the NCAs.
  • That they will be translating any EIOPA texts released prior to 2016 in English-only into German.
Whilst it may be a case of thinking das gras ist grüner, it would be easy to envy the German contingent when offered this level of disclosure and certainty in dealing with the preparatory phase. What say you, Moorgate?

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