Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Omnibus II and Delegated Acts - state of play summary (before it gets interesting!)

Unless you've been hiding in a cave since last summer, you shouldn't find anything new in this post, but I wanted to accumulate all relevant materials into one place for the run up to Omnibus II D-Day for my own convenience, and you're welcome to share.

At the moment we have;

European Parliament
European Commission
  • I'll cover the fineries of this on a separate post, but worth noting that the Commission's "draft implementing measures" document, which have been circulating for over 2 years, is now referred to as "Delegated Acts", after being Lisbonised.
  • A revised draft of these rebadged Delegated Acts, on the assumption that Omnibus II gets through Plenary, will be delivered like an impatient baby in the deuxieme trimestre of this year (p21). 
  • It apparently not be made available to the proles for public consumption beforehand (reported here and here). Still plenty of time for the faceless exponents of dark arts and back-room shenanighans to influence its content, so the lack of formal consultation is not necessarily a calendar breaker, though it is exceptionally poor form. 
  • The Commission's advisers now come in the form of EGIBF (for Delegated Acts) and EIOPC (for Implementing Acts). EIOPC are evidently a garage without a car at the moment, having not published a scrap of material in 15 months while Omnibus II dragged its heels. 
Obviously as a practitioner in the Risk field who doesn't want to wallow in the details of European Union lexicon, the forthcoming spurt of activity is considerably murkier than it would have been pre-Lisbon. Virtually every relevant term or participating body in the Solvency II hemisphere has had a name or remit change in the interim, and I'm not seeing anyone offer a mapping between "Pre" and "Post"-Lisbon terms.

I'll have a stab on a separate post, for my own sanity if nothing else.

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