Thursday, 4 September 2014

Solvency II Delegated Acts - whenever, wherever...

No sign of the Solvency II Delegated Acts sign-off as yet. The mighty ECON committee of the European Parliament have just about got their feet under the table after May's elections (and June, July and August's European summer holidays!), but despite meeting on the 3rd and 4th Sept, they don't appear to have discussed or even listed the matter as work in progress.

Wouldn't have felt such a big deal, given Gideon's summary on the topic back in early August, but the Mr Claffey and Co. at Milliman appear to have picked up on a potential sore point for the unit-linked boys, which might jack-up the Operational Risk SCR for anyone in standard formula world (which would cover a good number of pure unit-linked businesses I expect).

I've had a look around for the July version of the Delegated Acts, but they have yet to be leaked* as publicly as the January version - I would recommend anyone in the unit linked world gives this a once over, particularly if you still pay fat commission cheques!

* How about I shut my mouth - not only has the wonderful Petter Svensson (Sweden's foremost independent consultant) made it available on his own site, the Romanian Regulator has done similarly. Fill your boots...

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