Tuesday, 11 August 2015

"Dear Deidre" - Cross border insurance flogging under General Good provisions

One for giggles more than anything else. The other day I spotted a response from Lord Hill, the esteemed EC Commissioner for Financial Stability, to a question arising from Deidre Clune, a relatively new Irish member of the European Parliament.

Good question, wrong Deidre...
Specifically, the question related to a Maltese-licenced insurer which hit the skids back in 2014, with the CBoI's summary information here. It seemingly only wrote business in Ireland (hence I suspect it was cheekily named after Ireland's TV sports channel to aid sales!), and therefore left every White Van Man/Woman without cover, until Ireland's Insurance Compensation Fund stepped in.

A few things stood out about this exchange;
  • The then prospective MEP used the incident as political currency in the election campaign - "Vote me in, and I'll personally fix the EU insurance industry...", she almost said!
  • That Ireland, the log-term epicentre of EU cross-border distribution and birthplace of Quinn (which almost turned over the UK White-Vanners back in 2010), would have the brass to nibble at the hand that feeds it! Only 3 months ago, the CBoI's Sylvia Cronin was warning of a likely "...increase in cross-border activity", and at the same time EIOPA's Sr. Bernadino left a not-too-subtle hint that "In the specific case of the Irish insurance market, special attention needs to be devoted to the fulfilment of the general good provisions of host countries by the companies selling cross-border."
  • That it took 6 months to get an answer to Deidre's very basic question (at least according to her first public mention of a response in this media article). It took an extra two months for that answer to be published formally.
  • That in that article she was reported to believe that the measures spelled out by Lord Hill were to "...prevent this from happening again" (as opposed to enhance policyholder protection while facilitating orderly failures when they occur, etc etc). To be clear though, that is quoting the article, not the member!
Does anyone think that now, even after EIOPA's efforts to-date, that supervisory colleges will be effective enough to prevent these kind of events, or do we just buy local and hope for the best?

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