Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ireland - Freestyle battles during banking crisis?

The Irish Independent insist that "authorities rapped in stinging bank report" - no word on which rap tunes they laid down, but my money would be on;
  • It's Like That ("unemployment at a record high") - Run DMC
  • Mo' Money Mo' Problems - Biggie, or
  • 99 Problems (but Fitch ain't one) - Jay Z
OK, pretty ropey gag, but the content of the report must be fairly meaty, and I will be trawling through for governance material. There surely won't be a better case of regulatory-sponsored executive avarice in the next century, and any risk pro worth their salt should be stripping this for case study materials.

Let's hope that the introspection lasts only as long as is appropriate before focusing on the brave new world in the IFSC - after all, it wasn't your fault!

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