Monday, 16 January 2012

Omnibus II delay - ECON moves, Plenary stays still?

No doubt you all enjoyed Gideon's reportage from Friday (leapt upon by the other outlets shortly afterwards) that the sign-off on Omnibus II from the specialist EU parliamentary committee ECON, scheduled for this month before moving on to a full plenary (i.e. all of the EU Parliament) vote in April, had been yet again postponed. For you Brits, the FSA have commented on this development as well.

Easy to speculate on the causes of this (indeed the recent snub by David Cameron on the bail-out front is cited here as perhaps having weakened the UK's lobbying power at a time where they perhaps have the most to lose), but fair to assume it is still on the numbers front as opposed to Pillar II or III.

Worth flagging here that, while the ECON vote has now been changed to end of March on the Europarl website, the full plenary vote is still as it stood previously (mid-April). This could be the reason why most public comment since Gideon broke the story has been reluctant to say that this delay might shift the go-live date.

Good news then I guess...

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