Thursday, 26 January 2012

Solvency II - Another year (or two) later?

As flagged by Reuters earlier, the German FT has cited an "industry insider" as having whispered that a move to 2015, or even 2016, is a possibility.

While the general chatter in the FT article covers some supportibng argument on the quant front, the legislative timetable argument is a lot more compelling. Bearing in mind that the ECON vote has moved, but the plenary vote currently remains unchanged, should any delays or differences of opinion hold up Omnibus II clearance above and beyond the summer recess, the knock on effects would perhaps support this (i.e. bifurcation or not, Jan 2014 would not be achievable).

As ever, I guess the parliamentary vote date is the one to look out for!

Late post script - Reuters ponied up with another article today which touches on the story but brings in Peter Skinner's explanation of the delay

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