Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Barnier speech to the Insurance Europe conference

Msr Barnier put a few words out for the great and good the other week at the Insurance Europe conference, which have finally been published for the proletariat on the EUROPA website this week. As well as touching on the conjoined matters of IORP and IMD, he wades into Solvency II in a pretty forthright manner (driven by the increasingly fractious and desparate attempts of the EU to jump-start economic growth, and what the Insurance industry can do to aid this), noting;
  • Solvency II should not prevent or discourage investment in certain asset classes per se
  • Insurers with long-term guarantees should therefore be rewarded (via a reduced capital burden) for investing in long-term assets, and that Omnibus II should mop up outstanding concerns from individual countries.
  • That politically, the EU Parliament has had plenty of time to reflect on Omnibus II, and their tardiness has ultimately led to the need for Solvency 1.5
Interesting to see real world politics and probles interacting with the legislative timetable, and in particular how quick the Commission have been to point the finger at their Parliamentary pals when under duress!

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