Wednesday, 20 June 2012

StoneRiver Financial Regulatory Survey - ERM and ORSA in the US

An interesting US perspective published today touching on the near term future of ERM and ORSA reporting in the States from the guys at StoneRiver (need to fill out a little form for the download).

They are of course attacking it from a "buy some reporting software" perspective so the questions are a touch loaded, but the findings from the survey (68 in the sample, majority of P&C insurers) are certainly sobering for the NAIC, namely;
  • Only a quarter were confident enough to state that they had a formal process for ERM, including reporting
  • 44% claim to have "in-house expertise" on ORSA, despite the requirements being in a state of flux (guess I'm not getting a green card anytime soon!)
  • Only 40% were confident that their existing software will efficiently handle ORSA reporting requirements
Bearing in mind when I blogged on the draft NAIC ORSA manual in November the regulatory filing aspect was heavily emphasised, the combination of undocumented ERM processes and software fallability may be cooking up an administrative nightmare for the insurance industry over there - welcome to our world!

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