Wednesday, 15 August 2012

FTSE Insurers and IMAP - Resolution are out!

Shock news announced today (unless you actually listen to the grapevine I guess) that Resolution have dropped out of the FSA's internal model application process, citing the decreasing likelihood of go-live on Jan 1st 2014.

Unlike the other big-hitter candidates who appear, despite their concerns on go-live date, to hunger for approval at outset, Resolution seem happy to take their chances (at least in year 1) with a standard formula approach.

They note the following;
  • "Looking forward, the Group believes there is heightened uncertainty around the future requirements of Solvency II both as regards its structure and timing of implementation. The implementation date for Solvency II has been delayed to 1 January 2014 and the Group expects that it will be delayed further" - p48
  • "In line with this it has concluded that it is in the Group’s best interests to delay its internal model application to allow time for any further changes in the Solvency II implementation timetable and to help smooth the Group’s overall change agenda. Accordingly FLG has withdrawn from FSA’s internal model pre-application process and is now targeting obtaining internal model approval in January 2015" - p56
  • "If the Directive is implemented in 2014, FLG will be ready to comply with its requirements through the use of the Standard Formula. Use of the Standard Formula, pending obtaining internal model approval is not expected to lead to any significant disadvantage in terms of capital requirements" - p56
I would hasten to add that this decision cannot reverse the whopping £48m of transformation costs for the 6 months booked predominantly to Solvency II (they were less than £60m for all of 2011!).

Whose next for dropping out...

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