Monday, 13 August 2012

KPMG on the Solvency II Reporting package

You can always rely on one of the big 4 to do the admin around EIOPA's releases, formatting and paginating it into a handy A4 slice of pure Gauguin - KPMG to the rescue this time, breaking out EIOPA's work on the Pillar 3 reporting and disclosure package into something slightly more edible for Boards and senior management.

Really one for the specialists on reporting templates content, rationale for why thing dropped out or emerged pre and post-consultation, and outstanding issues from a practical perspective - I am slightly divorced from this element at the moment, but have certainly heard the rumblings around look-through requirements, quarterly balance sheets and detailed asset lists etc on various grapevines, and with time ticking on, these kinds of materials can only help to aid prioritisation of the required BAU activity to populate the things!

The introduction of data requirements for EIOPA around financial stability (particularly Lapse information) seems very controversial - I have always found it the most closely guarded, and indeed requested information from interested third parties (analysts in particular!).

You should enjoy the sectioned material towards the back, which includes some free KPMG comment - if that is the house line, you may be able to save yourself a few quid!

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