Wednesday, 7 August 2013

FTSE and European Interim Reporting - Solvency II off radar

So it's Interim Reporting time again for Europe's beleaguered insurers and as far as internal models go, another one has apparently bitten the dust - Old Mutual formally withdrew from the PRA's Internal Model Application Process in early 2013 " a result of delays in Solvency II implementation" (p14), joining Resolution on the sidelines.

Solvency II - 'Time of your life'?
This time around there appears to be a conspicuous absence of comment on Solvency II and indeed Omnibus II, unlike this time last year, when every firm had an opinion about Solvency II's legislative progress and its financial cost.

This is not so unusual for the mainland Europeans such as Allianz, Axa and Munich Re (all of whom had nothing new to say at the half year), but the UK firms have normally used the Interim Report as an opportunity to sound off. With Old Mutual (above) and  Legal and General so far only offering minor comments on "delays" and "uncertainty", have both the industry and the legislators given up forecasting the end game, and put the Solvency II "baby in the corner"?

Hopefully the remaining big hitters such as Pru, Aviva and Standard Life will have something to say over the next couple of weeks.

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