Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The $10m Chief Risk Officer - every little helps...

Cracking article on the (fiscal) rise to prominence in the USA - before you start pre-ordering Lambhorginis, this covers the headline money for the US "big banks". However the rest of this article is excellent, self-affirming stuff for heads/prospective heads of function, so I recommend a read (and perhaps forward it on to your board colleagues...)

In particular, when analysing the output required to generate that whopping pay packet, the article draws attention to ERM rollout as one of the gentleman's achievements - for $10m, that's got to be one shiny set of powerpoint slides!

In all seriousness, the comment regarding the CRO role being a training ground for future CEOs is a very interesting concept - I would very much like to know which company was implementing it, as certainly for the financial services industry, it is an incredibly sound idea.

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