Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Risk Intelligent CFO - Deloitte

Don't believe you need a subscription, so dive in to Deloitte's (US-centric) research on how to make your CFO more "Risk Intelligent". It is light in certain areas (reputation in particular), and outlandish in others (the CFO is apparently "a catalyst, strategist, operator and steward with respect to risk decision making") but has some neat touches such as;
  • Concept of Strategy Risk being split between "Risks to" and "Risks of"
  • Refining risk reporting/metrics down to the "vital few"
It does however cross over into other Insurance-entity disciplines (CRO, Chief Actuary etc), and it provides 4 "major risk categories" that are wholly unsuited to insurers and banks, but it doesn't purport to be for financial services only - take whatever you can from it, and certainly don't be afraid to wave it under your CFO's nose.

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