Friday, 5 August 2011

Aberdeen Group - Managing Enterprise Risks

Relatively small sample size (213), and rather confusedly assembled (constantly referring to an earlier piece of research they also produced), but this piece of research from Aberdeen Group is well worth a read for you benchmarkers out there. You may need to register, but either this link or this link should get you to the right place to do just that. It covers;
  • Catalysts for adopting ERM
  • Favoured strategic reasons for implementing ERM
  • Primary driver of ERM in the organisation (10% CRO!)
  • Techniques for optimizing ERM Processes
  • Techniques for improving Risk Culture
All of this comparing "best in class" companies against the mean. 

Strategic Risk magazine also had a decent stab at summarizing the main points, which may also do a job for you.

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