Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bank of England and Solvency II - Tucker's Luck

Joining in with the rather boorish cacophony of UK-sponsored protectionist racket on Solvency II, one of the Bank of England's big hitters put his two-penneth worth in this week in a speech to the ABI.

Whilst his observations on the general train of thought being that insurers are not a threat to financial stability and that AIG was a "complete aberration" certainly ring true with the Geneva Association/IAIS lobbying line on SIFIs, and that all and sundry are "dismayed" with the costs to-date, I was a little less enamoured with his problems with "microregulators 'approving' specific models".

If his issue is one of staffing it at the FSA, and the likelihood of those best placed to assess being priced out of the market, fair enough, but the issue of "regulators drowning in data" could be quite easily solved by not asking for so much in the Self-Assessment Templates!

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