Tuesday, 27 March 2012

FTSE Insurers, Solvency II and Capital Adequacy - Resolution

There's enough disclosure in Resolution's releases today to choke a donkey, with preliminaries and slides full of the usual treats - this is probably the last of the major moheicans, so I'll probably do a round up post for my own benefit, though you can click through on the links on this post to get to the earlier ones.

On the Solvency II front they disclose £55m of project spend avec finance transformational costs, which is the same ball park as most competitors (L&G, Standard Life and Pru all within a couple of million). Their comment on p7 that "The current legislative draft looks less favourable for the UK industry with the treatment of matching premium and contract boundaries, in particular, being more onerous than the last quantitative impact study (QIS5) undertaken by the industry", feels like it pre-dates the ECON vote from last week, and they have comment scattered throughout on impact of Solvency II on capital management strategy, with-profits distribution and annuities. Some more substantial comment on project progress is on p63.

On the capital front, their disclosures are a little muddier than in their excellent analyst day presentation from last year which helps identify something approaching their "economic capital" measure (although this is not your conventional insurance business of course, and like Zurich, has an interesting major outsourcing angle). On p24 of that slideshow they look at Solvency II aggressively in the context of potential for cash returns, but no sign of that aggression today.

They also disclose in today's slides that they have already generated substantial capital savings through an optimisation programme (dividend-inspired rather that Solvency II-driven I dare say!)

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