Thursday, 24 May 2012

Deloitte and economist intelligence unit - where are insurers heading on Solvency II

Always nice to see a benchmarking piece at a time when the legislative process has conceded that Eurocracy has led us to Solvency one and a half and we are no nearer to hearing whether the trialogue discussions are going to keep the new timetable on track.

This one comes from our old friends the EIU, with Deloitte riding shotgun. 60 firms, mostly UK domiciled and a good mix of Life/Non-Life, polled in what is a follow-up to last year's survey from the same authors. Already covered as highlights in a few articles (here for example), but I found the following salient:
  • Change in emphasis from restructuring and introducing new risk mitigation techniques to repricing and/or redesigning new products.
  • 20% of respondents noting they will need to "significantly change investment strategy" - perhaps as a result of the firming up of lobbying positions on the sticking points of Omnibus II?
  • ORSA a key area of focus for the majority of respondents over the next 6 months - strange in light of model applicants use test obligations that it is only an area of focus now. Fascinatingly, data quality was only 4th on the priority list, with model embedding/use and risk appetite naturally high up the list.
  • Even-ish split between those who are confident of timely implementation of the Directive by the industry and those who are concerned
  • Majority have seen their project costs hiked due to the delay to 2014 - not especially new news, though the scale of increase seems relatively modest, with only 5% saying they have ponied up more than 10% over budget
  • Only 45% worried about dual running ICA and SCR next year, weighted much more heavily towards the larger companies.
  • Big changes in the profile of firms modelling habits year-on-year, the movements strangely towards more complexity (standard formula to partial internal model, or partial to full). A likely link to the earlier stats on radical changes in investment strategy and repricing becoming higher priority? Regardless, it's more work for our pals in Canary Wharf!
  • A quarter of eligible respondents are in the FSA landing windows of 2013 (lucky devils!), with a suprisingly large number pencilled in for this year. Bearing in mind the scathing summary of IMAP materials issued to date by Julian Adams last week, should we expect these candidates to one-by-one ask for more time (and potentially get chucked out, as previously indicated?) Seemingly not too many respondents interested in the suggestion that there will be sugnificant tangile business benefits off the back of their Solvency II Programmes.
UK-centric as a piece of research for sure, but certainly some ideas to be gleaned by EU internal model candidates off the back of it, as well as some comfort for anyone lagging on ORSA.

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