Wednesday, 16 May 2012

FSA Speech - Adams at Insurance Day Summit on Internal Model Progress (or lack of...)

Another day, another bum-kicking for the IMAP candidate firms, who have been the recipients of some public words of 'encouragement' from the FSA's Julian Adams in a speech to the Insurance Day Summit yesterday, coupled with a "Dear Firm" letter which went to all internal model applicants this week.

The same themes which have pitched up in recent presentations (here and here for example) are still for all to see - model change, model scope, validation and expert judgement/rationale all feature heavily in the speech - but perhaps the elaboration on both assumption/dependency setting and documenting and Use Test embedding are breakout features from those already tabled as being insufficient.

Useful for those outside of the UK to see exactly what is twisting the FSA's tail at the moment, while for all you UK readers, the letter is clearly a laundry list which will require immediate attention and prioritisation in your work plans. Good luck...


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  2. Appreciate it Ada, the blogger tool isn't really cute enough for too many pictures, but I may renew my efforts to make it easier on the eye! Regards, AC