Monday, 7 May 2012

KPMG - Solvency II paper, "Beyond compliance towards optimisation"

Another titbit from the Big 4, this time covering the benefits that are available off the back off the legislative delays, specifically around optimising the Finance and Risk functions. If you are one of the Tier 1 companies, this comes across as a bit of a "Where's Wally" paper (or 'Waldo' for my American pals!), as it borrows of their extensive 'experience' on site with clients over the last few years. Despite that extensive experience, this is pretty light at a fistful of pages.

I would struggle to distinguish between 'capital minimisation' and 'capital optimisation', which they start off with, but they go on to describe a world of risk and finance "centres of excellence, which utilise the good work currently being done on the data warehousing front by Data teams to populate the various regulatory reporting requirements as well as management information needs, and that all sounds plausible.

The Risk section is naturally a little flannel-y, but suggests the best functions will be able to predict cash flows better, ultimately improving risk, capital and business planning and as a by-product, RAROC comprehension and enhancement.

Not a lot else, but some ideas around communicating future value of today's expenditure at the very least.

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