Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Deloitte with more on the US-of-ORSA

Billed as a "regulatory guidepost to the future", Deloitte in the States have published their thoughts on ORSA developments, following on from recent activity in the space, most notably the NAIC's adoption of the RMORSA Act a few weeks back.

Hard to tell whether Deloitte have borrowed much from their European counterparts, who ponied up with the EIOPA-compliant equivalent document last week, but both documents ultimately point at the same end goal, namely getting the ORSA Process and ORSA Report content right.

Confidently declaring the first regulatory filing of an ORSA Report to be precisely, errr, "Sometime in 2015", the stateside plans are anchored more to ERM and, I guess by association, ratings agency implications. The document does help identify a couple elements which, with the Solvency II hat on, are easy to forget;
  • IAIS ICP 16 is bringing ORSA to the table of all signatories at some future juncture (which means I may get a job back home one day!)
  • Existing techniques for monitoring solvency, even in a jurisdiction of this size, are seemingly past their sell-by-date in terms of both content and turnaround time (p2) - holds true for many of the Solvency II-covered countries as well (plenty on that topic in here).
The rest of the document draws out the preparatory work which firms should be undertaking, despite the relative lack of certainty at this point in time, such as increasing real-time data availability and changes in reporting, management and governance structures. It also touches on suggested content, process implementation (more like formalisation from experience), and a checklist of operational considerations, resourcing (or even briefing/coaching) being highest priority in my mind in 2012.

Good document for you statesiders to pass round your friendly non-executive directors anyway, as an early socialising of the concept in this format goes a long way when you have tiny windows to educate them on the topic over the next 3 years - looks like you will be filing ORSA Reports before we are!

Interesting footnote is that AIG have been labelled as a potential SIFI today - ORSA may be 5 years too late to have saved the behemoth it once was, but let's hope it can help its slimmed down current-day version.


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  2. Glad to be of help, regards from the other side of the pond, Allan