Monday, 1 October 2012

FSA on ongoing appropriateness of internal models (which aren't appropriate yet...)

Ploughing on regardless like a John Deere with a lobotomised driver, the FSA continue to work on their plans for ongoing appropriateness of internal models after Solvency II goes live. Having put their initial ideas out for feedback in June, they have this week provided an update on responses received, which hinted at a few things;
  • IMAP Participant apathy - 10 responses (attrition rate is potentially rising these days, but we must still have 60-odd with skin in the IMAP game, so that feels pretty lousy)
  • That inappropriateness would only be to a firm's benefit, hence the supervisory response to its detection "in all but exceptional cases" will be a capital add-on (PS if 'inappropriateness' is a word, I'll mange my chapeau, but I'll stick with it for now).
  • That the early warning indicators planned will form part of the FSA's BAU Supervisory Review Process alongside "in particular" model validation results - any danger the early warning indicators may therefore be used informally in the pre-application work? They do go on to stress in the letter that they "do not intend" to use early warning indicators in the initial approval process, but bearing in mind no-one showed up for round 2 of the three-way today, we're all eating at a pretty moveable feast right now!
The link between early warning indicators and validation results is probably the big message in here - could verging on breaching the % tolerance, plus a negative validation report, lead to a capital add-on in 2014/2015/20XX?

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