Thursday, 18 October 2012

Solvency II implementation delay - round up

"No news is good news" so goes the old motto, but in the case of this blog, "no news is new news"! After last week's sneaky peek at the options presented during trialogue discussions, the inevitable change of  EU Parliamentary Procedure file for Omnibus II was duly applied, and will now be discussed at the Plenary on March 28-31st 2013 (honest).

That wouldn't have ruled out either of the options on the table of the Trialogue parties at the moment, but they might struggle to squeeze in an impact study on LTGs and publish the findings between now and March, particularly after it was made publicly clear by one regulator that EIOPA were not going to start that work as scheduled. The EIOPA lads did push out the tech specs for balance sheet valuation today though, which should at least get the frog out of the box.
It would have been a push to complete the study and leave enough digestion-time by March-end even without a late kick-off, so our friend Sr Bernadino has happily corroborated the "Big 4" speculators and faceless "sources" promoting 2016 as the new "go-live" date by giving his own counsel to the Wall Street Journal (cited in this non-paywall article). His preference for 2015 is qualified with the probability that 2016 will prevail.
While thumbing my nose at the Reuters article above, it does make the link between postponement and the Commission's desire to immediately spur longer-term investment in a stagnating, rioting, semi-employed Eurozone (which is much easier without Solvency II's heavy embrace, particularly the calibration of capital requirements for long duration debt instruments which the document referenced in this post covers all too well).
However, for DG Faull to effectively command a recalibration of that element now the going is a bit better makes you wonder how many more cherries we are going to pick - un deux trois, nous irons aux bois...

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