Thursday, 5 May 2011

FSA presentations from Solvency II day - last one!

One of the FSA's Solvency II Day presentations from mid-April was a little late in arriving, but can be obtained here.

A few bits of note in this rather contradictory slide set;

  •  Companies asked to "stay informed" - this despite FSA saying that sharing any draft delegated acts which arrived through their EIOPA membership was "not within our gift"!
  • Asked to "wait for final versions" before acting - this while the timetables for Level 2 and 3 are shifting, the Omnibus II draft is apparently changing to move deadlines back, and lobbying is being done behind closed doors.
You can't help but think we could be doing more for each other right now, because "wait" and "stay informed" has the sniff of "duck and cover"  from the old cold war films!

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