Monday, 16 May 2011

German Corporate Governance - "Alle ist gut"...

Great news on the corporate governance code front in Germany, where the verdict on the 2011 refresh was a firm "keine Änderungen"!

I am not familiar with the full text, but this is a refreshing approach, what with the obligations of Solvency II and the EU Corporate Governance code to contemplate over the next two years - the UK and Irish approach has been rather to pre-empt these requirements, keeping me busy, but at the expense of duplication of effort.  

Two other points of note - a strange reference to making the review process more inclusive in future (which suggests there has been little consultation in the past) and the favourable comments on progress with inclusion of more women on supervisory boards - just like in the UK, the larger German companies are also operating under government direction on the matter!

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