Monday, 16 May 2011

Solvency II Lobbying - ECIROA say "All together now"!

Came across this wonderful (i.e free!) publication today which, while commercial risk-orientated, seems to have good access to influential Solvency II players.

This article in particular reflects my own thoughts on how the lobbying process (and indeed the legislative process as a whole at the moment) is so fractious that it can only lead to higher implementation costs, lower quality project outcomes, and more ultimately unsatisfied stakeholders upon conclusion.

As the captives appear to be gettiong the rough end of the stick under Solvency II, I am not surprised that he feels the silo approach to lobbying is ineffective, and I like that he has had a go at providing a proportionality guide - sadly I suspect it is a little voice in a big shouting match at the moment.

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