Friday, 21 October 2011

ABI - Solvency II Bulletin for October 2011

The ABI have put their Solvency II Bulletin out today (link is to the pdf version, as there is something weird going on with their HTML version!).

Plenty of goodies in here, in particular;
  • Omnibus II update - confirms that the trialogues are in the offing, but also that Parliament will not have its text for bringing to the negotiation table until late November. Any danger this is a bit late, and that February 2012 might be a push for Parliament to sign off on the negotiated text with their plenary vote?
  • Also confirms that the 'outsourcing' of drafting Level 2 measures by the Commission to EIOPA via ITS or RTS also needs to be agreed with Parliament (who would of course lose the right to reply on some of the content subsequently produced.
  • Decent timeline diagram for anyone who needs one (p3)
  • Reporting templates consultation coming in November - also mentions that their will need to be national-specific templates (highlighting importance of with-profits business in the UK, but same for other countries and their favoured savings vessels).
  • Confirms that the ORSA consultation is also about to kick off with the Level 3 guidance paper soon to be released (most of the industry has of course seen the early draft of this, so it will be interesting to see what has changed).

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