Tuesday, 4 October 2011

FSA Deadline for IMAP - formal extension to "mid-2013"

After a week of innuendo and winks, the FSA have finally committed to removing the deadline for IMAP submission from end of May 2012 to "mid 2013" for anyone who needs the extension, with allocated slots being issued "which we and they must stick to" instead.

This has a whiff of issues around Group supervision, with the word 'group' standing out amongst the other criteria depicted that will determine allocation slots.

The press release of course confirms 2014 as the official go-live date in the UK, leaving 2013 as a parallel run year at this juncture (summarised in Actuary Mag). There will surely be a few dummies spat out at this, as this is very much a penalty for any early adopters or successful project managers.

This may have increased the likelihood of Lloyds et al's requests for approval to start using the model from 2013, as they will surely need to be thrown a bone after this news.

PS - More for the industry's benefit, or for the institution that is struggling to stay staffed?

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