Tuesday, 4 October 2011

CRO to CEO - what's your skillset?

As flagged on the Reputability blog, Allianz Re have recently promoted their Chief Risk Officer to the top job. Fantastic news for those super-ambitiousin the function, and tactit recognition perhaps that the balanced skillset of the latter day CRO is coming the boil nicely. You will notice that the blogger doesn't prescribe to CRO-to-CEO promotion, seeing the role as a destination, not a hub.

As an avid follower of activity on the CRO front (in particular the sustained attack on the role from the Actuarial profession as an alternative avenue to the C-suite), and was delighted to see that his background was...errr...Actuarial! To all you "Riskies" reading, please see the earlier comments from the FERMA VP on upskilling...

A nice translated piece was published by Clifford Chance regarding CROs in the EU (specifically with Germany in mind) - covers the EC green paper angles on risk governance and risk executives, as well as correctly highlighting that "Solvency II is a key ally in institutionalising the new role of the CRO"

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