Monday, 17 October 2011

Van Hulle, Bernadino, SIFIs and Solvency II "chafing"

It was raining comment on the Thomson ILS news today (may need to subscribe, but it's free and worth it). Both van Hulle and Bernadino are quoted as playing down the significance of any decisions made on SIFIs, or "too big to fail" insurance institutions (as I recall there is some kind of decision pending, or may indeed have been released, on SIFI criteria).

Sr. Bernadino (our EIOPA big-hitter) is more concerned with low investment return and high inflation than the threat of SIFI classification on the insurers under his watch, while the thought of additional capital burdens for any EU insurers that qualify as SIFIs is "complete nonsence" to van Hulle, the Commission's Solvency II scribe.

This all despite KBW claiming that only a couple of insurers will fall inside the net (though I think this may have been US-HQd only).

Finally, AM Best got in on the act after the delays announced to Solvency II implementation last week - as well as highlighting the benefits of preparedness from a mergers and acquisitions angle (which may now also be put back a year), they also add that, while smaller companies are probably happy to receive an additional year of prep-time, the larger companies "may chafe" at the delay.

I have a nice cream for that...

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