Friday, 30 September 2011

NAIC - ORSA and ERM developments in North America

Spotted this over on the Casact website, and though it was worth sharing - emerging ORSA approach over with our North American chums at the NAIC, which seems to be spooking some insurers who are quaking at the thought of a 2012 ORSA imposition and lobbying for more time (same on this side of the Atlantic fellas!).

Seems to be a bit of draft ORSA guidance on the go (along the same lines as our Level 3 document in the EU), and the one stand out piece for me was the projection of capital requirements between 2-5 years out - seems instinctively light for insurers to project no further than 5 years, but maybe the long-term guarantee piece isn't such an issue Stateside.

There is also an enlightening piece from AM Best on the same document regarding their Supplementing Rating Questionnaire, how best to prepare for it and respond to it, and some benchmarking stats on positive responses to the questionnaire content. Sadly I don't get to dabble too much in this area, so if any of the Stateside readers have any experiences to share on ORSA progress or ERM SRQ completion I would be interested to hear.

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