Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Chief Risk Officer activity

LV+ got in on the CRO staffing activity in advance of Solvency II this week, pitching a finance-oriented executive into the role, with a remit of embedding an ERM Framework and managing Solvency II. In line with previous posts, I'm not sure who to score this one to (probably not the Risk team), but important to note the reporting line still going into the CEO.

On topic, but bank rather than insurer as the example, the Reputability Blog picked up on a slightly different organisational problem that I suspect will become more prevalent over the next couple of years - namely that with the maturity of the CRO role comes an ambition to be more than the CEO's "angel on the shoulder".

Larger financial services organisations may find their CROs develop something of a wanderlust if they don't expect a reasonable shot at the top job will be forthcoming (indeed an earlier blog post highlighted that a company Stateside is using the role as CEO training). I would have thought this is even more of a strategic issue for insurers, where existing CRO/de-facto CROs will be critical to Solvency II delivery plans, and will of course have extensive knowledge of their respective institutions' economic and regulatory capital weaknesses after 2+ years of project graft!

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