Friday, 16 September 2011

Active Risk - 'What makes a great Risk Manager' results...

I participated in a survey a little while back about "what makes a great risk manager" which involved looking at personality traits, and the guys at Active Risk posted the results today.

While I was hoping the results would look like my CV (!), there were some interesting findings from the 200-ish sample;
  •  Categorises risk managers into Traditionalists (from the 'department who likes to say no'!), Drivers (who are pragmatic and impatient) and Evangelists (who have the CRO style, without necessarily the substance. The split of respondents was 60/10/30 respectively. The obvious thought for me was that this was the perfect ratio of the three skillsets to arrive at a quality Chief Risk Officer, and the conclusions touch on this throughout.
  • Suggests traditionalists may be holding their companies back due to presentational shortcomings (probably fair), while Drivers should understand their impatience can come over as aggression and Evangelists should wind back on what I like to call 'risk rabbit' (where throwing terminology left and right leaves the consumer disinterested or confused.
Should certainly be of interest to my friends at Clarity Resourcing, as these kinds of considerations cross over most industries when fishing for risk talent - I hasten to add that I can't immediately recall what I was classed as!

Late post-script - found my personalised report, and I was down as a "reactive extrovert" - I'll settle for that!

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