Monday, 26 September 2011

ABI, Lloyds & the FSA - behind closed doors...

Flagged elsewhere on Friday, I read through the FSA committee minutes which noted that “contingency” may be required (p3) if Solvency II is not implemented by 2013 – no mention of what that will consist of, though it sounds ominous and probably ends with the words “-million pounds”.

Also reported on Friday, the ABI and Lloyds are looking to lobby for a 2013 go-live date, regardless of the content of Omnibus II, so that Lloyds’ existing ICA process can be jettisoned and replaced by Internal Model SCR (thus restricting the dual ICA/SCR obligations to one year). I suspect they will have plenty of people who would ride on their coat-tails if they can squeeze this one through!

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