Friday, 25 November 2011

CERA and the challenge to the Risk Profession

Very reassuring article in the Actuary magazine regarding one aspect of the inevitable land grab between risk and actuarial professionals (which I have blogged on several times), this one covering the thoughts of a few CERA students as to whether this qualification was likely to enhance their career prospects.

Judging by the responses of those students likely to be CERA-qualified in the near future, I suspect that the Risk profession will still be gainfully employed for some years to come - particularly liked the reponse about selling the qualification in one sentence "It counts as verifiable CPD!"

PS The score on CRO hires moved to 4-0 to the Actuaries this month with Aviva UK's new guy - however, the hunter has become the hunted, with the new top man at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries being a chartered accountant!

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