Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Julian Adams speech on IMAP and Solvency II delay

The speech from Julian Adams is worth picking apart for crumbs of comfort for any organisation who will be potentially running up bills for another 12 months in light of the extension announced by the FSA at the start of October for their IMAP processing.

Spectacularly, one of EIOPA's guest attendees was, you've guessed it, delayed! As I didn't attend, I cannot confirm if this raised a chuckle in the hall, but more important than the comedy value of an unexpected EIOPA delay are the things put on the table last week, namely;
  • That the workload anticipated by the FSA both pre and post Solvency II appears to be higher than anticipated (more entity level ORSAs/SFCRs than expected for a start).
  • "...very likely that some form of Solvency II reporting will be required during 2013", regardless of the delay.
  • "Submission slots" were allocated primarily after assessment of each applicant's SAT, but alos taken specific Solvency II outstanding issues into account (which must mean preparation on the college of supervisors front is severely lacking to be cited here alongside matching premiums! This is not necessarily a UK failing however)
  • No more applicants will be accepted for day one approval just because of the delay, and no changes to model scope will be allowed without express permission.
  • More to come "in coming weeks" on the big question about whether ICAS can be jettisoned by the industry for 2013, to be replaced by a provisionally approved model - also doesn't cover if Standard Formula firms will have the same option open to them as, say, the Lloyds syndicates and other lobbyists for a 2013 early start.
More to come soon apparently, so let's keep our eyes peeled!

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