Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sessional Event at the Staple Inn Actuarial Society - Common Risk Classification system for insurers

I will blog on this in extensive detail once I replace my broken laptop - for now, please find the paper presented at Staple Inn yesterday from Patrick Kelleher and Paul Klumpes (et al) here.

I have blogged positively on the abstract of this paper in the past, as it seemed to be the panacea to a number of categorisation issues for ERM practitioners in insurance companies, and having attended last night's presentation of this in person, I am no more disinclined to think this has genuine ERM merit for anyone in the insurance sphere. The age-old problem of checking off the easily quantifiable "Big 5" categories then wondering how to pick off the scraps is addressed here in no uncertain terms, so I implore you to have a read.

More extensive coverage of the sessional event will follow, I just need a quick trip to PC World*...

*Other electrical retail outlets are also available - we don't do product placement at Governance Matters!

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