Thursday, 17 November 2011

EIOPA 1st Annual Conference - Anything of note?

EIOPA had their first annual conference today in Frankfurt (happy birthday!). Looks very heavy on politicos as you might expect, and there has been a few drips of information from it, in particular;
  • Sr Bernadino's comments that insurers should not "pretend to play God" by implementing onerous counter-cyclical tools in addition to the facilities already in play to avoid pro-cyclicality
  • Mr Barnier's introductory speech where the delay to 2014 is seen as "a plus point, enabling insurers, national supervisors and EIOPA to prepare better"- doubtless all you project managers looking at an additional year of expense will rest easy at that! He also mentions that equivalence is not looking to force countries to adopt a regime identical to Solvency II, as well as emphasising the party line on Group supervision in the context of IAIS ICPs and the ongoing SIFI debate.
  • Sr Bernadino's keynote speech - May 2012 scheduled for public consultation on technical standards, which he stresses does not pre-empt the trialogues and Rapporteur Balz's Omnibus II paper going through EU parliament
  • Elliot Varnell has had a busy day tweeting, so serve yourself at his feed. Interesting to see that Karel van Hulle thinks there isn't enough cross-border sales going on - having worked in that area, a good helping hand might be to remove local language requirements!

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