Thursday, 26 April 2012

Economist Intelligence Unit and Blackrock - Asset Allocation trends and Solvency II

Another nice freebie for the benchmarkers out there (you do need to sign up with minimal data changing hands) from the EIU and their sponsors Blackrock, predominantly around asset allocation trends in light of Solvency II.

I haven't exactly gorged on this due to a swollen in-tray, but the population size is pretty decent at over 200 (other stats in the back on size, country etc), and some of the trends are worth considering in the context of one's own balance sheet, particularly;
  • Almost all respondents have at least made plans for allocation post-Solvency II, but are waiting until closer to implementation to exercise those plans
  • Concerns around "look-through" data requirements on certain investment types (FOHFs etc) and potential impact on asset selection
  • Concerns around most areas of data in terms of Pillar 3 preparedness (quality, timeliness, completeness)
  • Anticipating aggressive pricing around guarantees, driving consumers into unit linked offerings
  • Very interesting granularity around respondents by country on their bond strategies
  • Strong support for expectation of downward pressure on equity prices due to lower demand post-Solvency II
  • Bit behind the times on the suggestion to review "risk free" assets, which was announced in Omnibus II revisions at ECON, but we'll let them get away with that!
Sign up and dig in, very handy indeed.

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