Thursday, 26 April 2012

Geneva Association 7th Chief Risk Officer Assembly - Axa and the ORSA

Sadly my schedule doesn't allow me trot down to Switzerland any more than the next man, but the Geneva Association have just published some materials from their CRO Forum from back in November - one in particular that caught the eye was from Axa's Mr Menioux on the ORSA.

While the first section is fixated with the reporting side of ORSA as opposed to the creation of the continuous processes which ultimately crystallise in a report (sadly par for course I would say), the second section goes on to cover Axa's ORSA schedule from now until 2013.

As the French only have around 3 models to approve (c'est une blague, 4, peut-etre?) it is less of a surprise that they are waiting until their year-end 2013 ORSA Report has been approved before submitting their model application, but it is interesting that the FSA with their 70+ applicants stated that they would not be looking for ORSA reporting in IMAP specifically!

They also mix model validation and ORSA together at the back to state that they are bringing in PwC and Mazars to assist with independent validation, as well as using internal audit. They finally tell us the structure and length of their ORSA Report (shooting for around 50 pages at Group level, with localised ORSAs as well.

Good intelligence for anyone knee-deep in this particular Pillar 2 game...

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