Thursday, 7 July 2011

EIOPA Stress Tests - come on Germany, who failed!

The pressure on the insurance industry to 'fess up to the undertakings who failed aspects of EIOPA's stress tests appears to be ratcheting up. Reuters claimed this morning that the UK and Germany has 'stayed mum',, while the French and Italian contingents were happy to announce they had a clean bill of health.

This was followed by the ABI reporting that the UK were similarly clean. This increasingly makes our friends in Germany look like the odd-one-out (indeed I blogged yesterday on the unique problems facing insurer's balance sheets in that country).

Please therefore keep a look out for anyone announcing a German 'clean bill of health' - then we can take the guessing game to some of the peripheral European players!

Late post-script - more detail on how German insurers are expected to fare is available here. I couldn't locate the research cited, but the numbers bandied are pretty modest, so I can't imagine there would be too many MCR failures if these numbers stand up.

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